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I am Keith Milsom and I have been working full-time in online marketing for nearly 20 years, running my own e-commerce business which you can see at as well as consulting and presenting on a wide range of marketing and business topics.
Anything Left-Handed
Before that I ran various small businesses and I have learned the hard way that it is not easy to make money from running your own business!  Of all the business models I have tried, I love online marketing best because you can set up a new worldwide business in a matter of weeks with very little start-up cost and compete on an even playing field with the really big boys by making use of the best marketing automation and analytics tools.  You can also manage the sales process and build relationships with your customers in a very intimate, but completely automated way.
This is me (centre) picking up an E-Commerce Award for Anything Left-Handed and a cheque for £2,000 way back in 2002, when I still used to wear a tie!
My plan was always to automate my businesses to such an extent that I could largely leave them to run themselves and keep my income flowing while I went off travelling and doing other things. In practice, it didn't work out that way for many years and instead I just worked really hard and didn't get the results I thought I deserved! Some of this was just me not doing it properly but a lot was that the software and systems I was using did not deliver on what they promised and kept failing and leaving me in a mess.
It is only over the past few years that I have really made progress by fully understanding the way to use sales funnels and automation and also using a new generation of software that really does work properly and reliably.
Outsourcing my fulfilment and customer service was also a big issue and after a major failure with an unsuitable provider I now have an excellent relationship with a partner who controls all of the daily operations, leaving me to manage the website content and online marketing. I am now in a position where I can run my business remotely from wherever I am and for the past 4 years I have been able to travel outside the UK for 12-15 weeks a year. 

 I take my laptop or Ipad with me and can keep on top of anything that comes up in the business while I am away (or just leave it and it keeps running anyway).  By focusing on what truly generates profits and automating effectively, I have been able to have some truly amazing and life-changing experiences and I can recommend it very highly!
My friends and business contacts regularly ask me for advice and help with using online marketing to develop their businesses and I am often quizzed on how I manage to run a business while I am travelling so much. I have a huge respect for anyone who has the spirit to start their own business and take control of their destiny and I think we can all benefit from sharing the lessons we have learned and the tools that we have tested and proven to work in generating business growth and profits.
I have started building the site as a platform for sharing, testing and learning and a place to showcase the tools, training and resources I have used successfully in my own businesses. I hope it will also be a place where others can share their own experiences and any tips, tricks, software, websites and resources that are working for them.
I have used the concept of sales funnels for a long time and I did a presentation on using them to optimise conversions to a large audience of e-commerce business owners way back in 2009. I thought I knew quite a bit about the subject, but a while ago I read a book that completely blew me away and opened up my eyes to how to really do this properly and it is by applying the concepts in this book that I have finally had some real success improving the profitability of my business AND working less
The book is called DotCom Secrets and was written by a very successful online entrepreneur called Russell Brunson.  He manages to set out some quite complicated ideas and processes in a really simple way and uses lots of little hand-drawn diagrams and sketches that really show how it works.  Once I saw them and understood the thinking behind them it completely changed my approach to my business and how to develop it.  I couldn't sleep at night thinking about lead magnets, sales funnels, email sequences and value ladders and how I could apply them to my business.
There is a lot more information on what is in the book on Russell's video page.
The other big change I have made recently is to start using the latest generation of web page building and marketing automation software that Russell covers in his book.  Things have moved on so fast in the past couple of years that what I thought was leading edge was actually old-hat and I was way behind the game.  But not any more!  You can access this amazing range of online software tools at a very low monthly cost and they put you in the same game as the big players spending millions on their marketing systems.  They really do give you the opportunity to either make a lot more profit from your existing business or to set up a new one from scratch very quickly and at very low cost. .BOOM!
I really wish I had written the DotCom Secrets book, but I can't explain these amazing concepts and approaches. any better than Russell does so I recommend you get hold of his book, start reading and don't put it down until you have finished!
Russell has produced a short video about the book and the business approaches and systems he has used to create a hugely profitable online business and I am now using in my business as well  - just enter your details to watch the video and also see how you can get hold of the DotCom Secrets book FREE (you just pay a small amount towards postage and it will be the best few £/$s you ever invested and you can even get a full refund within 30 days if you don't like the book!). 
I will also send you an email telling you about the automation software I have used to successfully change my business around and how you can get a free trial of the various systems to give it a go yourself.
Enter your name and email below to get access to the free DotCom Secrets video now  and find out how to get your copy of the DotCom Secrets Book:
We Value Your Privacy.  Your Information Is Secure.
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